Woohoo.. One more pound down at Weight Watchers. Shaun T Summer Body Challenge.

I started my first dietbet challenge by my favorite trainer Shaun T. I have been doing #21dfx 21 Day Fix Extreme container portion and Focus T25 Gamma Strength Hybrid. Even though I am a Weight Watchers member, I am using the #21dfx 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan. Based on my weight and daily activity, I fall into the lowest calorie intake category. Sometimes around 1200-1499 calories range a day

I Love love the motivation that Shaun T has been posting on the dietbet game page as well as the dietbet participants.

Every morning I look through all of the posts by the other members. It makes me feel that I am not alone. Many people have the same struggles with food and exercise. Reading their posts also make me feel supported and motivated, not just for this period of dietbet month, but for many more years to come. It cost me $30 to join, but I am already feeling the money is so worth it before I even get close to the end of the dietbet journey.

As I mentioned early, Shaun T has been very good at posting motivational support, not just once, but I have seem him post up to three times daily. One of the posts he put was this!

Shaun T diet bet summer body challenge quote

Shaun T diet bet summer body challenge quote

I find that very appropriate for me going into the weekend.

It is so much easier to control my food intake during the day when I am at work, but weekend is when we as a family would eat put, usually to restaurants I love!

There is this Cambodian restaurant in Cleveland that I LOVE. All of the food are made fresh and I have never had anything bad there. Guess what. We are going there today. It will be q challenge, but I have made a commitment that I will stick through this! I am typing this as a commitment to myself and to everyone who would read this post that I can and will do this.



First Day of Shaun T’s Summer Body Challenge DietBet and start of #21dfx 21 Day Fix Extreme Diet

Today is the day.

The first day of Shaun T’s DietBet challenge as well as sticking to the #21dfx 21 Day Fix Extreme container diet.

I am excited, but nervous at the same time. This is my first DietBet, and this is going to be the first time I start out with the #21dfx 21 Day Fix Extreme eating plan.

I have not been good with my food intake since last Week, the Easter weekend. I know myself. In the spring, that is when I would start gaining the weight I lost during the winter months. It has been the cycle for the past two years , if not more.

I am glad that I understand myself more this time. You would think I should be able to take some precautions to prevent some weight gain.

However, I have to be honest, the struggle is real. I just like to snack after I come home from work while preparing dinner. I am going to strategize my snacking this a little differently today especially I am now committed to the #21dfx 21 Day Fix Extreme for the next 21 days or so. It feels though the #21dfx diet is not too far off from the Weight Watchers point system, only there is no cheating in the next 21 days. Scary. Weekends are going to be tough, but the good news is it is only 21 daya.

Yup, besides the points listed above, I also wanted to win the dietbet hostes by Shaun T, The Summer Body Challenge.

I am such a competitive person. I know myself, I would love such challenge, but let’s face it. People just love food. That is why I exercise.

My plan with exercising would be to finish my second round of Shaun T’s Focus T25 Gamma Strength Hybrid workout which I only have 2 1/2 weeks to go. Once that is complete, I am thinking to restart on Focus T25 from the Alpha phase and hybrid it with something else. It could be the #21dfx 21 Day Fix Exreme workouts. I do not know yet.

Although it doesn’t sound like I have everything all planned out yet, but I will do my best and I know I can do this.

Off to a great start!!!

Focus T25 Gamma Extreme Circuit #focust25

I struggled through it which was a surprise. I usually was able to fly through the exercise without stopping.

Tomorrow is a better day. I can do this.

PS: late post. I realized why I was not 100% this morning. I gave blood thru the american red cross yesterday. This is actually the first time I gave blood in three months interval back to back. I thought I could bounce back fast, but I was wrong.

Shaun T kicked my butt.

Shaun T kicked my butt.

Weight Watchers Weight Loss and I did Focus T25 Gamma Speed 3.0 without stopping

I think my blog post today kind of sum up what I am going to write. 😄

I lost 0.4 lbs last Saturday’s weight watchers weigh in. Slowly but sure!!

I am also getting pumped up starting out Shaun ‘s Dietbet on April 6th, 2015. This is going to be my first dietbet. It costs me $30 to participate. My target is not to win the money (although winning would feel awesome), but I want to reap the reward and benefits by living healthy with other Shaun T fans out there with the help of Shaun T as well.

And YES!!!! Today is my first day of my second round with Focus T25 Gamma (hybrid strength) and I did Speed 3.0 without stopping. When I hit 15 mins into the workout, my body wanted to stop but I did it anyway. I ate too much over the weekend (Easter egg hunt cum dinner), so it is good to work extra harder this morning to burn it off.